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Inspiration Sounds

I was inspired by the beach glass soap and missing the sounds of the sea, so I hunted down a site that has audio of all our favorite things to listen to. It is a great site to explore and I am having a very relaxing day listening to the waves splashing.

Beach Glass

I received my precious little beach glass single serve soaps today from The SeaSaltCompany on Etsy. They are small pieces just like beach glass and in several amazing spa shades with a clean, fresh scent that reminds me of splashing waves, the breeze and seagulls. Check out this seller and I hope she will offer some larger spa soaps in the future.

Loads of Buttons

Megan of ABC Textiles on Etsy has loads of buttons she says, please drop by if you are in need of the tiny ones for 12 inch dolls as well as larger ones, perfect for BJD, Gene, Tonner, 16 inch dolls and many other size dolls. Most of the artists know Megan provides the best deals on the buttons, amazing service and fast shipping, but just in case you were not familiar with her shop here is the link, and I hope you will vist her soon.
Thank you


Marching Cats


The Wonder of Zippers

The wonder of zippers, after much flip flopping about whether to attempt the zipper closures for the fashions, I have finally decided to give it a try. Since I line most everything, and I prefer a pretty neat finish inside and out, I was surprised to find that it not only made up fairly easily, but that the finish is not half bad either. I do however believe that having a zip close limits the fitting of each garment to a specific doll or two, but aside from that, the only other drawback is not having the matching shade for a main fabric.
These are very tiny zippers, I am ordering in bulk and may offer them soon in my shop, or if you would like to request a quote on pricing (20 different shades ) etc..please email.
There are shops on Etsy where you can find them as well in many of the popular colors.

At The Helm


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