The luxury of Silk Duchess Satin

If you have ever thought or dreamed of sewing with silk duchess satin, then
wait no longer. This is the real deal, and of all the various silk varieties, there is nothing
that compares to the weight, drape and feel of this luxury silk. It literally molds itself to the desired shape and sews up beautifully, my very first ensemble shown here in this fabric has not  been pressed or steamed yet and I already I love the results. The average price per yard is 100.00, so anything made up is going to be very special indeed. If you are able to get even a swatch to try, it will be worth every penny.
You will want to look for silk duchess satin, it comes in the most delectible shades and
I have included a link to a fine silk store, this is the silk duchess  satin page.





To Bead or Not to Bead?

….that is the question. This classic style in an equally classic navy has me stumped and
my inner personal stylist says leave the silhoutte of the fashion as it is, add some nice jewelry, gloves, wrap and a small headpiece. On the other hand, some beading detail across the bodice and shoulders would give it some glam. So I ask you, what do you think? I would like to offer anyone interested in this fashion a choice, say the word and it is done. Thank you so much.

Violet Vive


I Believe in Tesla

tesla-model-3-2018-mittelklasse-08_0I want to be on the right side of history with Tesla, make mine a red one. The new and affordable Model 3 will be a huge turning point in the car industry!



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