Duel Dart Trousers with working side pockets

Skirt with pleats 16 inch only

Wrap Around Skirt


Ruched Front Skirt

HighWaisted Cropped Pants

Yoke Skirt

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES???????????????????????
Basque Pleated skirt

2035-12-10 20.18.03 (960x1280)
Midi Wrap Skirt

2035-12-10 16.29.16 (960x1280)
2035-12-10 15.44.28 (960x1280)
Midi Basque skirt

2035-10-17 19.59.34 (1280x960)
Petunia Skirt

2035-10-17 19.59.41 (1280x960)
2035-10-21 18.16.23 (960x1280)
Fit and Flare skirt

2035-10-17 19.59.49 (1280x960)
2035-10-17 23.08.01 (960x1280)
Long Trumpet Skirt

2035-10-17 20.00.45 (1280x960)2035-10-17 19.44.33 (960x1280)
Swing Skirt

2035-10-08 17.50.06 (1280x960)
2035-10-11 14.50.06 (743x1280)
Notched Basque Skirt

2035-10-08 17.49.54 (1280x960)
2035-10-10 10.45.20 (643x1280)
Basque Draped skirt

2035-10-08 17.49.37 (1280x960)
2035-10-10 11.19.57 (662x1280)
Body Con skirt

2035-07-03 14.17.25 (960x1280)
2035-07-02 18.36.15 (1280x960)
This skirt pattern is modern and easy to make with only slight adjustments, making it a versatile pattern for creating many styles. It has a side closure, bottom band, front pleats and sits at the hip for belly button dolls etc…I have changed it a bit to work better for the Silkstone doll body.
My version of the skirt has a back closure instead of a side closure, I have left off the bottom band and closed the front pleats so it sits at the waist instead of the hip as shown in the artist rendering.
Pleated Tulip Skirt

Offering the Pants with pocket pattern and the skirt with pocket pattern

Offering the Pants with pocket pattern and the skirt with pocket pattern

blogpics2 002blogpics2 005blogpics2 016
Three styles of skirts Gin Fiz, In The City and Embroidered

top and skirt only $8.00 plus instructions
Gin Fiz top and skirt

skirt and top $8.00us plus instructions
In The City top and skirt


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  1. terryjoann
    Mar 11, 2015 @ 19:27:36

    This is my second order this week! Are these patterns 4 for $5.00?


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