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I am without my regular computer, working from a laptop and I am having trouble  navigating the new device  my pics are few and far between as I learn how to upload  and arrange things. Hopefully this setback will no last more than a couple off weeks while my PC is out for repairs  My Etsy store remains the same, and pinterest should showcase new pictures, I will try to get them posted to my blog as well. Thanks.

Pattern Photos

I wanted to share some nice photos passed along to me by a customer, Gwen, she has used the Sleeveless Sheath PDF pattern and the results are wonderful. I love the zipper close, something I haven never tried, so kudos for all who use this closing technique. Gwen has shown her main fabric in cotton and the lining to match, in this instance a cotton fabric would be less inclined to turn smoothly through a sewn shoulder as it isn`t slippery enough, but you can finish the shoulder edges and then stitch together by hand. A silk or fine cotton lawn or silk cotton blend etc would allow the back to be pulled through the front even if the opening appears small, as long as the fabrics are able to slide smoothly against each other this should work. You can reinforce your seams with double stitching especially for silk which tends to fray out. The technique for sewing a sleeveless garment is my most asked question so if you are having difficulties in the construction these are a few of the things you can try. Thanks to Gwen for sharing her project with us, hope to see more again soon.
Gwen3 Gwen1 Gwen Gwen5

Cosmopolitan for Silkstone Barbie and Victoire Roux on Etsy


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