Downton Abbey Returns

Don`t forget to stop sewing in time for the season four premier of Downton Abbey, not that you could miss it this time around, I have been watching news programs etc and it seems anyone and everyone is talking about it. I don`t recall a show getting so much attention and well deserved it is……so we will all be doing pretty much the same thing tonight, feeding our addiction to all things Downton Abbey and Masterpiece Theater!!!!!! Have fun



January Pattern Sale

January is a great month to get back to sewing, start some new projects or finish up ones already on the go. I have learned over time that it is rare to get back to half started projects, they would pile up in a bin or clutter up my cutting table, so I tossed out all these pieces and now I avoid cutting out anything ahead of time. It is a hard habit to break and timing has something to do with it. I would cut out something at night thinking I would start back  first thing in the morning, and inevitably changed my mind, get sidetracked or the most common one, get a parcel of new fabric and be inspired in a totally new direction. The best and most productive method for me is to have a fresh start each time, or at least leave my sewing room with finished garments that only need finishings. Now I stay ahead of my creativity and don’t feel overwhelmed by the work load piling up. Pacing is good too, you often know how long a project will take,  like a sheath dress, so each time you sew allow enough time to finish the piece. For new patterns or ones I an not too sure of, I only cut out what I am actually sewing up, even to the point of cutting out the main fabric pieces, sewing these up as far as I can, fitting what I have to the doll, and if all looks good, I cut out the lining and continue on. Breaking my process down to the smallest steps helps keep me on track and overall the sewing goes much smoother and with fewer mistakes. If the oufit requires more pieces like a jacket, then I work on this next and as tedious as this sounds, at least you know what is working and not be left with cut out fabric pieces that will never get done or have no relation to anything else. I can’t tell you how many times I have been left with a lone skirt and lining cut out because the bodice I was trying to make didn’t work. Break the steps down even further by making the bodice first, get the right fit, then carry on. It is like Christmas when each stage works out perfectly and before you know it, you have a finished ensemble without wasting time, fabric or have something you have to get back to when time allows. We all know how that goes. It doesn’t! 

To help with your fresh creative start the patterns will be 4 for 10.00 us, family and friends paypal only, and please choose fron the 5,.00 selections.

Thanks and happy sewing!

Artemesia for Silkstone Barbie and Victoire Roux Custom Fashion

??????????????????????? SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

Harlow for Silkstone Barbie and Victoire Roux on Etsy now



Tularosa for Silkstone Barbie and Victoire Roux on Etsy now

This Chanel inspired ensemble features a jacket using the PDF pattern Sack dress, modified by changing out the neckline and using a wider collar. I opted for a bow over hook and loop for a empire front closing. This pattern can be found under dresses on my pattern page.



Fairbanks for Silkstone Barbie and Victoire Roux on Etsy now

I have always loved the Blue Skies suit from Simplicity Couturier Doll Clothes 9316 and even though it is sized for Gene dolls, it works perfectly when scaled for the 12 inch dolls. The  telegraph style skirt and flare of the  peplum jacket give this outfit a distinct vintage flavor.





The Year`s End

Wishing every one a wonderful night of celebration as you ring in the new year. 2013 comes to an end for me with a little sewing and as I am  never one to follow themes or seasons etc…I have posted my final fashion for the year,  a classic and understated style that I have always loved and glad to have been asked to make again and again. Thank you for a great year and on to the next. love Brenda

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