Be My Sunshine for Silkstone Barbie and Victoire Roux on Etsy


Lily White for Poppy Parker on Etsy


Lemon Grass Bolero

I have used the pdf pattern Lemongrass Bolero for this ensemble, it is my most favorite bolero pattern, the fit is perfect and it is pretty easy to make. I recommend a fine, but sturdy fabric so it can hold up throughout the construction and choose a lining that is the same or contrasting, but to keep the bulk minimal, you should line the sleeves in a fine proper lining like china silk poly or any other acetate or poly lining. This ensures that there will be less bulk in the sleeve and much easier to slide the bolero onto the doll. I have also edited out all the small facings that appear on the print out, since you will line with a main fabric, it will not matter if it shows, (the winged collar and the shaped back hem), and just adds to the effect. In this case I have lined or faced with my black main fabric according to the look I wanted.  Cut your main and lining pieces exactly the same, sew the back center seam of each, sew the back neck on the front pieces, clip the notch in the collar, and sew the front and backs pivoting at the clips and matching the center seams. Se in the sleeves on main and lining sections, then with right sides together, sew across the back neckline of the collar, sew the sleeve hems, then sew the side seams, one straight seam from front bottom edges up to the underarms, down the sleeves, to the other underarm and to the bottom back edge, repeat on the other side. Last step is to sew down the front edges, this includes the wing collar and on this particular style of bolero the front edges meets the back edges all in one shaped seam. You will leave a slit for turning, and since the side seam on the inside is very small, I recommend leaving a small opening in the bottom back hem and hand stitch closed after turning, Turn right side out, carefully pull the sleeve out, use a long tool up inside the opening to smooth the side seams toward the back and make sure you sleeves seams are flat and toward the back. Make sure your winged collar edges are nice and sharp, sew the turning slit closed by hand, press with a cloth give a good steaming for shape on your clothing block and let dry. Always have your model handy to fit and sew as you go.


Love is Black and White for Silkstone Barbie and Victoire Roux on Etsy

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Coming and Going for Silkstone Barbie and Victoire Roux on Etsy


Club Navy for Silkstone Barbie and Victoire Roux on Etsy


Doll Buckle Order

On occasion I sell buckles in my etsy store, they do sell quite quickly, so if you have missed out on any of these and would like to get some please contact me. The metal buckles I can get these various shapes and sizes, mainly for 12 inch dolls, gold or silver and I can get rhinestone in gold or silver, square or round, depending on what the seller has at the moment. Either of the rhinestone shapes are 8mm with a 4mm inner bar, perfect for 12 inch or 16 inch dolls. The metal buckles are always the perfect size for 12 inch, and I can also get the larger sizes if need be. You can see the gold or silver oval ones pictured in the middle are larger, suited for the 16 inch dolls.

Contact me if you are interested, I will order in bulk according to popularity but will make a list of names for reserve postings on etsy that I hope everyone will honor. The buckles take several weeks to arrive and I will be placing orders soon.

Thank you

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